How a ‘wine cooler’ vest can save babies from brain damage: Newborns starved of oxygen at birth can be helped with groundbreaking device

Babies starved of oxygen at birth may be saved thanks to a 'wine cooler' vest Harry Chambers was born in Gloucester [...]

Why regularly fainting is a sign that you’ve got a dicky heartbeat: When Danielle kept fainting she thought she wasn’t eating enough… but she actually had a heart rhythm problem

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When will I see anyone again? Three Degrees star Sheila Ferguson joins the growing number of lonely over-60s

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‘NHS would have died in its infancy were it not for black nurses’ as unsung heroes celebrated

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Moving BBC Children In Need documentary shows the heartache of kids with dads in prison

OVER 200,000 children in the UK have a parent in prison.   Read the original article

Suicidal beautiful woman suffering crippling body dysmorphia says: “I’m so ugly I wanted to die”

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Stunning woman with body dysmorphia hates her looks so much she takes 200 selfies to find one she likes and tried to kill herself three times

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‘I woke up with no face or arms or legs – just as I was about to become a dad for the second time’

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Why I’m going for gold in a blindfold: She has already lost her sight … so why DOES Team GB’s 100m star Libby Clegg have to cover her eyes in her quest for Paralympic glory?

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Made in Chelsea’s Binky Felstead: Why DOES the NHS refuse to test young women like me for cervical cancer?

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Doctor in the house changes the lives of one family with a HUGE list of health problems

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ITV’s Charlene: My mum died of bowel cancer at just 47…it can strike at any age

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Woman who was forced into marriage at 16 tells how she was raped and beaten for 13 YEARS by her abusive husband who was angry that she hadn’t given him a son

Sajida, who is in her 30s, was forced into an arranged marriage aged 16. She married in Pakistan and the couple [...]