My brain felt foggy for weeks

Melissa Thomlinson, 46 from Newark, suffered a concussion after hitting her head in a car

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TAKEN TOO YOUNG A mum shares her heartbreaking account of how her son, 17, was stabbed to death for a bag of SNACKS

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I’ve made Potts of money says former Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul

Two years ago Paul Potts faced bankruptcy – now his biggest concern is whether Jack Black or Vince Vaughan will [...]

Why Rod and I want a new baby

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It’s rubbish that funny men always pull faster. I was always hilarious and didn’t get laid until I was 26

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I helped my son beat autism by making him give up Weetabix

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My son was being slowly poisoned by gangrene

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‘Growing Pains’ cost me a kidney

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Bravery of the Bride

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Return of Imelda

When I wrote this feature about Imelda Marcos for the Sunday Express in May 1995, I had no idea that the following [...]

Dad paralysed from the neck down ‘RELIVES meeting his baby girl for the first time while in a coma’ thanks to unique experiment

A YOUNG dad, paralysed from the neck down after not wearing his seat belt, has become the first in the UK to take [...]

Boy, 17, relives his terror after fearing he’d DIE when he was stabbed through the liver for teasing a lad in the park

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How a bump on the head can trigger seizures YEARS later: As comedian Russell Howard’s brother knows to his cost after an accident the star unwittingly caused as a boy

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How a ‘wine cooler’ vest can save babies from brain damage: Newborns starved of oxygen at birth can be helped with groundbreaking device

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