Why are they still locked away from loved ones? Relatives of care home residents describe their desolation at being separated from family

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Dr Sam White told police he had been the victim of hackers after a TV interview appeared to be interrupted by an X-rated WhatsApp message

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‘My mum fled with me so I wouldn’t undergo radiotherapy for a brain tumour’

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Woman driven to brink of suicide after being unable to eat solid food becomes first patient to have NHS operation that made her liver work like a pancreas

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My dinner out almost killed me and left me too scared to leave the house

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Man becomes fourth in his family to suffer testicular cancer, it may just have saved his life

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The true heartbreak behind Belgravia’s tragic opening: Julian Fellowes reveals ball, battle and betrayal scenes in ITV drama are all based on reality

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Misbehaviour: Miss World women’s liberation protest in front of 100m viewers

At the Miss World pageant in the Royal Albert Hall, London in 1970, 100 women armed with handbags full of rotten veg, [...]

Father of twin boys slaughtered in Jeremy Bamber’s killing spree reveals how he was robbed of his dead sons’ milk teeth he kept as a memento

Six-year-old twins Nicholas and Daniel were murdered in rural Essex in 1985 Their uncle Jeremy Bamber, 24, also [...]

Crooks ‘deliberately getting locked up to make thousands of pounds in prison’

Former inmate and restorative justice campaigner Peter Woolf claims that contraband is rife inside prisons. Crooks are [...]

Brutal stepdad Paul Hemming made kids’ lives hell before killing their mum

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Mum denied cuddle as her baby lay dying after being attacked

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Scandinavians ask why we English hate our children – maybe they’re right

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Blood disorder that makes it agony for Love Island's Rosie Williams to bump her knee (but, on the plus side, it means [...]

I felt too ugly to live

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